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Feb 01 2011

Fighting Amoebiasis With Flagyl

flagyl amoebiasisOne of the more insidious types of infections that can be treated by Flagyl, also known as metronidazole, is amoebiasis. Amoebiasis is a in infection of the gastrointestinal system by a specific amoeba called entabmoeba hisolytica.

Many other types of amoeba can also potentially infect the human digestive system, and this term is often used incorrectly to signify the range of infections, but this is an incorrect practice, especially since most other amoeba that colonize in the digestive system to not have the capacity to cause serious disease.

Amoebiasis is problematic in that it can potentially live in the human body and multiply even though no symptoms, or at least not overt symptoms, manifest. While little serious impact is associated with this type of infection as long as it remains minor and contained to the digestive system, should it be allowed to persist in the body it could potentially damage the gastrointestinal tract, penetrate into the blood stream and cause serious repercussion, most notably and disturbingly, it can result in liver abscesses which can potentially be fatal. Some studies suggest that roughly seventy thousand deaths are associated amoebiasis globally each year.

While this, statistically, is not a vast number, the tragedy of these casualties is highlighted by their complete preventability. Most cases where this particular illness is problematic is in parts of the world where there are standards or capacity for sanitation. In industrialized countries the most common source of such infections result for poor individual hygiene.

While it is possible for these infections to occur without presenting diagnosable symptoms, the majority of the time infections are signalled by diarrhea, blood and mucus in the stool related to dysentery. The good news is that in cases that are symptomatic, the condition is treatable as amoebiasis responds well to antibiotics. Flagyl for example, while it is typically used to treat anaerobic bacteria, is known to be very effective at fighting infections of entabmoeba hisolytica.

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